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Dark Light

Charles  -  Dec 12, 2011  -  No Comments
Copyright 2011 Charles Robinson, WISE Ministries International December 12th, 2011 Part I: Mat. 6:23 But if your eye be evil, thy whole body shall be full of darkness. If therefore the light that is in thee be darkness, how great is that darkness! Luk. 11:24 The light of the body is the

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B2 Stealth Kingdom Service Providers

Charles  -  Oct 14, 2011  -  No Comments
Copyright 2011, Charles Robinson The B2 Spirit Stealth Bomber… • is cloaked in stealth technology • has unlimited range when air-refueled • crosses enemy lines undetected • uses massive fire power • supplements the combat (10th Mountain Division for example) forces well Vehicle Statistics Designation:B-2 Spirit Function: Multi-role heavy bomber

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Needed: Marketplace Intercessors / Jim Goll

Charles  -  Oct 01, 2011  -  No Comments
Prophetic Insight Needed: Marketplace Intercessors / Jim Goll The Joseph Company is Arising   “In recent years it has been declared by numerous prophetic voices that a last days Joseph Company of men and women with marketplace anointings would arise. They would be powerfully used to release funds [and other

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