Needed: Marketplace Intercessors / Jim Goll

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Prophetic Insight

Needed: Marketplace Intercessors / Jim Goll

The Joseph Company is Arising


“In recent years it has been declared by numerous prophetic voices that a last days Joseph Company of men and women with marketplace anointings would arise. They would be powerfully used to release funds [and other resources] to promote the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Some refer to these as “marketplace apostles”. These resources would be used to help launch compassion ministries to the poor, houses of worship and prayer, healing centers, and church planting ministries.

A creative, prophetic presence will rest on these entrepreneurs. Even now new insights, inventions, and a fresh approach to business is being released from the Lord. These marketplace September Prayer Report September 20, 2011

Christians will pass through many trials, and will be prepared in such a manner that the Lord will trust them with the wealth of the nations. Though the prophetic voice is still being restored, vision has not been lacking in recent years. At the same time, some resources needed to support marketplace ministries seems to have been partially withheld. I believe one of the missing ingredients in the marketplace is the presence of church apostles and prophetic voices.


A Recurring Vision of a Young Joseph

In the past few months I have had a recurring vision of a twelve year old man named Joseph. He has a gleam in his eye and strength in his body. As I watch this vision repeatedly unfold before me, I see a boa constrictor wrapping itself around his midsection, attempting to squeeze the life and breath out of him. In the vision, it has appeared to be a life and death matter.


I believe this young man represents the “Joseph Company” after the spirit and nature of Joseph in the book of Genesis. It is not a new birth, or something just now conceived, but rather something which has been declared for about a dozen years. The young man is coming of age from boyhood into manhood, therefore he has now become a genuine threat to the enemy. Consecrated marketplace men and women hold an enormous key for the coming Harvest. In my opinion, this makes marketplace Christians one of the greatest threats to the enemy’s camp of anything that has been released in recent history. Because of the intensity of this attack, we desperately need to see a partnering of the business world and prophetic voices.


A Confirming Dream

For several weeks I have been seeking understanding of how this vision may be applied practically. I have been asking the Lord to release His wisdom on how to respond to the attack against the lives of marketplace Christians. Businesses are coming under increased demonic attack, and individuals with marketplace callings are coming under unusual stress and pressure. Many ministries I know have been struggling for their very life, just like the Joseph from the vision. I recently received a dream in which a piece of paper floated down to me from the sky. In big bold letters it stated, “Needed: Marketplace Intercessors”.


The Call To Prayer

I am convinced that the lack of intercessors is one of the major missing ingredients in the business world. Marketplace intercessors must respond. Prayer shields must be put in place for these struggling businesses. We have prophetically called forth these new “Josephs” into being, but we must now become proactive with the global prayer movement. Prayer warriors must assist their brothers and sisters in their endeavors. We must partner together both in the office and in our prayer closets.


It’s time to pray.”

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