Summer and Fall 2012 Prophetic Revelations P2

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Continuing from P1

God’s Commanding Generals
This is a season for the Apostolic Generals of God to come forth.
These leaders are needed in all Seven Spheres of Society and sorely needed in the Religion, Governmental and Business Mountains especially.

These ‘Commanding Generals” will help the Ecclesia – the Church, The Ruling and Reigning Body of Christ to “line up” and “take their place” in the endtime battle formations that the Commander in Chief – Jesus Christ is strategizing. They will lead in their spheres of influence to bring the greatest manifestation of the Kingdom of God that the earth has ever seen. They will command people (in love but in firmness to “clean up their act” but also they will speak with Apostolic and Prophetic authority to “line up” and “take their place” in the Battle. God will raise up elders in every city as well. They will decree what Heaven is saying to a region, a city, state, nation or other entity such as a business or a classroom or an agency or a congregation (pastors will preach the unadulterated Gospel message) studio or a family; God will raise up godly fathers who will take their place as the head of the family.

This is a glorious time of those things that have been “out of whack” to come back into allignment.

Truly we are entering the Kingdom Age.

Victorious Eschatology and UnStoppable

The church will begin to see and to live out a victorious escatalology that eschews “escapism” and embraces true Kingdom Living and authority that proclaims loudly “The kingdoms of this world have become the Kingdoms of our Lord and of His Christ”. Rev 11:15.

We will be living “ahead of time” in God’s time and be totally in front of the enemy (see my P1 article). Many, many will make it through the Great Tribulation (I know some people who have lost their houses and they have gone through some great tribulation recently) and enter into the Millenium while experiencing an instantaneous (Twinkle of the eye, 1/100th of a second) “R/T” – Resurrection/Translation otherwise known as “Rapture”.

The Great Tribulation will be as a “blip on the radar” as many operate in the ‘Spirit of the Two Witnesses” which I believe are Enoch and Elijah. These two will be unstoppable. In fact, that is a word for this season as well “UNSTOPPABLE”. The enemy and men will be unable to stop these two and those who run with them (say “me”) until every assignment has been accomplished. Only when the beast ascends from the bottomless pit can he kill these “fire men” who will kill their enemies with fire and even after that they will lay in the streets for 3 days – the world afraid to touch them. And then, horror of horrors God resurrects them and brings them to Glory! So it shall be with us. Get ready for the “Unstoppable Believer” – just like the movie that starred Denzel Washington this train will be able to go around some mean corners and will not fall off the track; it will be unstoppable – God’s Glory Train will complete its assignment both individually (you – the cars) and corporately (the church, the entire train). But just like in the movie, the train has some powerful “chemicals” that can bring destruction if the thing derails; God’s spiritual technologies are powerful when used rightly and also destructive if misused. So, get coupled up – the train in leaving the station!

Finally, The enemy has been totally set up for the end times and people have been lulled into an escapism through fear-based eschatology that has pervaded the airwaves for the last 40 years. So, get rid of your “The AntiChrist is goin’ to cut off my head so I better be raptured before that” mentality.

Do you realize that God is capable of creating an angel (even now, right now) or of releasing an angel that has been held in glory for the endtimes to minsiter alongside YOU? You may be ministering in an anointing and a power and an authority that has NEVER BEEN SEEN on earth before! This angel can be the solution to aid in ANY situation or circumstance. The devil has been set up; we may have not just twice as many angels than his fallen angels, we may have a thousand or ten thousand times or greater arsenal on our side. We are going to smoke the dark side folks. Get ready for miracles of multiplication and supply and protection that are biblical in proportion! WE WIN and not just that, WE OVERCOME TRIUMPHANTLY.

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