We Have Reached a Tipping Point

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2012 will prove to be one of the most important years in history; there is an abundance of economic, financial, spiritual, political and societal forces set to converge this year. Come to Austin, Texas Thursday, April 19th through Saturday, the 21st to fine-tune yourself to be ready to hear God’s voice for your life and your region, to begin to develop solutions to the issues of our day and to meet those that you are to be allied with in the coming days.  

What is a Tipping Point? A critical juncture, a defining moment in a series of events (think economic, cultural, social, etc.) at which time a series of significant, often momentus and irreversible reactions occur.  We are at the edge and God’s solutions are needed in society. 

Click here for our personal introduction to you.

This is not a conference but a “Next-Gen” gathering with intention and emphasis on relationships, what is coming for 2012 and beyond, building alliances for the purpose of bringing Kingdom Solutions to the marketplace, world-class worship with Burn Austin (part of the Burn 24×7 worldwide worship movement), prayer and spiritual ministry.

We are assembling marketplace and ministerial leaders in all seven spheres of influence; modern-day Josephs and Daniels to overcome wordly mindsets and economic systems and their limitations – with heavenly perspectives.  You will experience a fresh wind from heaven!

Our speakers

John Kelly, President of the International Coalition of Apostles Randy Demain, Kingdom Revelation Ministries

Bruce Cook, Kingdom Economic Yearly Summit

Liz and myself, WISE Ministries International. 

The USA and the nations of the world are at a tipping point and a gathering eliciting God’s response is being called.

Will you be here? Will you be part of His solutions? 

Click the link below to register. Click on the hotels to the left to reserve your room. 

This is an intimate gathering and we can accommodate a maximum of 200 people.  We also have a webcast option available.

Stay an extra day, Sunday as we experience the best that “The Live Music Capitol” of the world and the state capitol, Austin has to offer in food, fellowship and entertainment.

Reserve a table for your enterprise, whether business or ministry.  The cost is $500.00.

Stay Monday for a one-on-one session with Charles. Make sure that you request this from my assistant Nick. First come, first served. 
Register Now  
Please visit TippingPointGathering.com for bios on our speakers, additional information on the ground-rules for this gathering and for questions. 

Thank you for your attention and response as we and our many friends and partners look forward to seeing you in April.


Charles and Liz

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