Summer and Fall 2012 Prophetic Revelations P1

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Some Revelation for the Summer and Fall 2012

The Lord has been speaking a great deal and I do not get perhaps 90% of it sent out so here are some thoughts that can be expanded upon at a later time.

“The Summer of Discontent”
Much battling in the spirit realm this summer; especially in the Middle East. Iran is planning on joint war games in the Syrian Region with China an Russia effectively blocking any UN and US route in the region to assist Israel.

Warring factions not just in the Middle East but a vicious campaign season in the USA. Civil Unrest is possible this summer and fall in the USA.

I saw the world’s economic (Babylonian) system rolling up Like a scroll and the Kingdom of God unrolling like a scroll alongside it; That is, the quicker that the current system unraveled the quicker that God’s system was being rolled out. Put another way, do not fear for Heaven is ready. Are we? I think not but that makes it all the more exciting to be alive in this hour!
“Fear not little children for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the Kingdom”.

“Multitudes are getting ready to enter into eternity”

Multitudes in the valley of decision. God spoke this to my spirit matter-of-factly recently and I do not have specifics but I am concerned about the London Olympics and the possibility of Illuminati-sponsored attacks both in the stadium and in the subway’s. God did NOT speak this to me specifically about London; only that many people are getting ready to enter eternity soon so please keep this in prayer and ask Him what this means (and let me know if He does!)

The Rider on the White Horse
The First of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse – the Rider on the White Horse of Revelation 6 is alive and in a powerful office right now…

I cannot divulge his identity in a public forum but talk to me personally and I will tell you whom I believe is the Anti-Christ and I will provide some support as well.

Chief Judge Robert’s “Strange” Defection?

Judge Roberts actually changed his position to side with the minoroty to declare that Obamacare is constitutional and is lawful as a “tax” (which I do not agree and which has vastly expanded the power of government to require that US Citizens must purchase anything).

With that said my perception is that he did not betray conservatives but in essence upheld the independence from politics that has mired the Supreme Court for years. Not wanting to appear partisan as when the SC ruled in favor of George Bush winning the Presidential elections over Democrat Al Gore in 2004 I believe that Judge Roberts also was trying to uphold the “dignity” of the presidency and respect for the Executive Branch.

I am not saying that I agree with the decision because Obamacare is really about abortion and euthanasia and if I were on the court I would have said it was not Constitutional based upon the “Mandate to purchase something -namely insurance”. Not to mention the rationing of healthcare for all and the increase in the cost of all healthcare.

Roberts said the people passed this law and its the people who will decide its fate. This decision is a move of such finesse and wisdom that it boggles the mind. I believe that Roberts knew that the conservatives need only 4 senate seats to take the senate and to overthrow Obamacare “by the people” in the early spring of 2013 since we most-likely will see a Republican victory in the Presidency and gains in both Houses.

No, it’s not his epileptic seizure medication that’s affecting his thinking; his brilliance shines forth and has energized the Tea Party and I believe Romney will be elected and Obamacare will be overturned in broad daylight through our legislative branch – the same branch that passed it in a veil of secrecy and told us “we will have to pass it to see what is in it” – (all 2000 pages).

Times and Seasons – Let the Enemy Try to Catch You

It is said in the Scripture that God is the one and the ONLY ONE that can change “Times and Seasons” Dan 2:21 but that the Enemy will TRY to change the “set times and laws” (ah, though men) Dan 7:25.

We are in an Issachar Season (that is why it is SO important to attend our Issachar Tipping Point Gatherings held twice yearly) where we are operating in such a proactive move of the Holy Spirit in knowing the “Times and Seasons” like the “Sons of Issachar” I Chron 12:32 that knew what Israel should do.

Again, the enemy does not know what God (hence “we”) are going to do and where he is CONTINUALLY behind the time and showing up late to the party. This reduces spiritual warfare for you (but ONLY if you are active in the Kingdom BTW).

Let me rephrase this: We have OUTRUN the enemy and will STAY AHEAD of him until all things spoken by the Holy Prophets come to fulfillment and Jesus is released to come back to earth – Acts 3:21. As long as we stay alert and humble and pure and listen to God’s voice personally and through HIS PROPHETS . Note: Amos 3:7 still applies.

The enemy knows the Big Picture of what God is going to do in these end-times but he knows even less WHEN it is going to happen (that is why he is trying to MAKE things happen – so that he can be in control) and he knows even next to NOTHING about WHO is going to do these great end-time exploits.

The good news is that you have been HIDDEN for a season for a SUDDEN revealing of you and your assignment to the world. It has been for your protection – but GET READY for the King shall SUDDENLY appear in his temple (you).
Mal 3:1 (not a literal interpretation but has some practical use here).

Sealed Team 6:
For some time the Lord has impressed upon me the need for an ulta-prophetic and spiritually dynamic and diverse group modeled after the Seal Team 6 called the SEALED TEAM 6. WISE, which is building a fleet of B2 Stealth “Spirit” Bombers for deployment all over the world can go in first as the “Air Force” and can knock-out the enemy’s radar and destroy all of his communications systems as well as his surface to air missile bases and his defense shields. We are currently doing this all over the world.

But, having a ground force that even is more elite than our 12th Mountain Division Rangers (our intercessory team) is enticing as well. This will be the ST6. If you would like to be a part of this elite group and you have what it takes contact us.

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