The Third Dimension of God – The Soon Coming Priesthood of Melchizedek

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There is an ancient-order that actually operates in Heaven but is now coming to earth – The “Order of Melchizedek”.


I have studying the phenomenon of Melchizedek – who he was and who he is and Abraham’s encounter with the “King of Salem” (peace) who had “no beginning and who has no ending” Heb. 7:3.  Jesus is of course the full embodiment of this Priesthood. However, I believe that Melchizedek was the ancient founder of Salem (of which we get Jerusalem), which was Shem, the Son of Noah.  Shem and Abraham were contemporaries (alive at the same time).


Melchizedek and Intercession


How does Melchizedek relate to intercession?  It will change intercession since Jesus himself will be interceding through us as His priests.  That is the epitome of what a priest does, which is to become the interface between God and man.


The Dimensions of God:


The First Dimension of God was Jesus being revealed in the Flesh over 2000 years ago.  Jesus said “If you have seen me you have seen the Father”, Jn. 14:7 so, in Jesus dwelt all of the fullness, that is Father, Son and Holy Spirit, of the Godhead.  He was to us what Father once was in his residence in the tabernacle – God with us.


The Second Dimension was the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the early 1900’s.


The Third Dimension is the revealing of the Priesthood of Melchizedek – Jesus operating in the fullness of power and authority through the priests of His Order. Father will fully glorify his son through this priesthood; concurrently we will also see the fullness of manifestation of the Father dwelling on the inside of man as well – as He did within Adam.  So, it will also be a move of God if you will of the Father making his tabernacle with men once again and coming down to abide with us.


This is a now word: God will become a fortress on the inside of his people – an impenetrable fortress and a literal foundation of the Kingdom in full and glorious manifestations principally through His apostles and prophets, the “Mighty Men of Valor” (like David had) and the Priests of the Order of Melchizedek who will follow the Mighty Men of Valor.




Moses is a Type


Moses is a type of apostle in the Old Testament as well as prophet.  However, no modern-day apostle or prophet is operating in the power and authority that Moses operated in – think about it – who has turned a rod into a snake or who has parted the Red Sea today?  This means that when the Order of Melchizedek is released that these priests, prophets, apostles and kings (note all four functions embodies in each person) will be operating in a greater level of power and authority than Moses did.


These priests will be literally operating and hosting the Spirit of Christ Himself in humility and absolute obedience within their being and His omnipresence will fill hundreds if not thousands of these leaders who will operate in all-four mighty functions as kings, priests, apostles and prophets and most importantly – leaders to the Body of Christ, calling multitudes to “come up higher” and to be an example for all to follow.


As Christ was to the multitudes a multitude of priests will be to the world.


This is a level of unprecedented power and authority of Christ Himself filling the earth with God’s knowledge – “as the waters cover the seas…” Hab. 2:14.


As the Second Dimension – the Filling of the Holy Spirit was a geometric-expansion of Jesus’ presence to the whole world on the Day of Pentecost until today so will this final geometric expansion of Jesus’ own power and authority be to the multitude of Priests (only those specifically prepared in the crucible of humility and hiddenness, not for every believer in this context.  I am not referring to the Priesthood of all Believers here which is valid.  This Priesthood is Jesus’ own Order and they will call the multitudes to come up higher.


Put another way, if you compare the ministry of Jesus before he ascended and sent the Holy Spirit – one man – “unipresent” to after the outpouring – Holy Spirit now omnipresent – that is the level of impact that this new priesthood is going to being.


10,000 Jesus’

Put another way; imagine 10,000 Jesus’ walking the earth at the same time!


We cannot even fathom it yet – but it is at the door.  Whether they accept it or not, the whole world will experience the witness that Jesus Christ is Lord.


I believe that Melchizedek will be the theme of a future Tipping Point Gathering.


Note: some of this material on Melchizedek is adapted from Melchizedek Priesthood. By Nita (LaFond) Johnson : Jul 3, 2007.


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