Intercession and the Courts of Heaven

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Courts of Heaven and Intercession

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An excerpt form the book “Let Heaven Invade The Seven Mountains of Culture WISE 7M Intercessor Certification Guide”.

Paula MinGucci, one of our WISE intercessors, has done some work in Heaven’s Legal system and has written the following overview.

It’s important to note that if someone is releasing intercession, learning to go to court is important. Going to court is not necessary each time you intercede; it applies if there is a stronghold or accusation; the intercessor should proceed as the Lord leads. Some of the reasons to go to court for are: health, financial breakthrough, emotional needs and accusations.

Clean Your Own Vineyard

Always clean out your own gates, bloodline and go to court for yourself first so that the enemy cannot attack you for going for others.

God, in his justice, must give what is granted to the enemy if no one is there to stand up and contest it. An example is when Jesus said “Peter, Satan has asked to sift you as wheat – but I have prayed for you that your faith may not fail.” Since Satan saw something in Peter that he could accuse him of before the court of heaven, the Lord had to grant it.

Jesus saw that is true – being a good God; he saw that allowing Satan to sift him as wheat would help Peter gain what he was lacking. Sometimes, for example, if we have an issue with pride, we may get attacked – not only because the enemy had found a legal right – but

because that attack may lead us to repentance. It could indeed humble us. In this case, in the middle of our attack, we can go to court and get a handle on what the enemy has on us. As we recognize our sin, we can repent and ask for justice because Jesus paid our price. Therefore, the results of the sin which led to that attack can be turned around within 24 hours because we repented.

When we hear what the enemy is saying – we know the issue we need to deal with. The point is, to get ourselves as pure and clean as the Lord so that we have no ‘real estate’ in which the enemy can claim “in“ us that belongs to him. Jesus said the enemy is coming and ‘has nothing in me.’ Nothing “in” Christ belonged to Satan that Satan could ‘claim as his.’ The object is to have everything “in” us look like Jesus. That all ‘territory’ belongs and reflects Him. It really is a ‘win win’ situation.

Many say, “Satan is attacking me”. If so, you have to ask yourself, what legal right does he have? God is God over the devil and uses him to help us become more like Jesus.

So it goes with the scripture “all things work together for good for those who love God and are called for his purpose? (Romans 8:28.)

Standing in the Gap

The Lord asks us to stand in the gap and offer up a plea. In the Old Testament – we find this: I looked to see if a man was standing in the gap so I did not have to destroy

these people. In this case, he found none. And Jesus’ plea was: Father do not let Peter’s faith fail as a result of this.

If you intercede for yourself, because you lost a promotion for example, you would go to

court, step in by faith, and present your request before God. The Father is the judge,Jesus is our lawyer and, of course, the demons behind what is being done to you must also stand in court along with the angels.

In addition, sometimes people from the cloud of witnesses may be there observing and even participating (comment mine – Charles).

The Process in Court

Often the enemy would then say all that reasons why he has legal rights to do this to you: sin in your life, or in your family generations before you that you did not do but they did. You must repent for their sin also, if no one has already repented for it. You can repent for the sin left unrepented in generations before you.


If your ancestors sacrificed life on an altar and traded into your bloodline, it could be that you or your issue is his payment. If that ancestor asked for power along with a blood sacrifice and in return agreed that his family line after him —5 generations from that time — would be given to the enemy, your ancestor made an illegal ‘trade’ which will be due to be paid. If that person in that later generation became a believer and things started to happen to them- then going to the courts for justice would be the next step to stop that illegal trade.

After that issue is presented and the person finds out what had occurred, the believer would repent for themselves as well as that ancestor who made the illegal trade.

Repentance Defined

Simply saying “I repent,” is not always true repentance. Please understand, you must put in your heart that this offended God and it hurt Him. We need to sit in that a moment and feel His hurt and be sincere in our heart’s desire to change. This is important. If your son or daughter hurt your best friend, you would want to say, “I am really sorry for what my daughter or son did.” It is the same situation when we ask for forgiveness. The Lord has feelings also which we need to release. Saying ‘I repent’ without really thinking about it much would be as ineffective as someone saying I am sorry in a way you can tell they do not mean it or feel even a drop of real remorse. After you truly repent, then you would ask for divorce papers from the court to divorce yourself from that ‘issue’ or sin and consequences of it, removing yourself from it fully — renouncing it.

Generational Records in DNA

Your DNA has a record of everything that your mother and father had done generation after generation. You carry their sin in your DNA. If we go to the court, the accuser of the brethren can come before the judge and pleads his legal right to sin either our sin or unrepented sin from our bloodline generations.

We would hear the ‘charges’ against us. Our response would be to repent and ask the Lord to then judge us under the covering of His word. We then know that Jesus paid for that sin, and, as we repent, the enemy loses his legal right to hold that sin against us. The enemy is then judged — often taken away —in darkness, and in chains, and often tormented in the glory realm.

Personally, I have seen a devil in flames as a result of their own repentance and renouncing of an issue.

Christians attacking Christians

Oftentimes people who are anointed by God get attacked. If they are anointed and someone starts to speak lies about them, then they can go to court. The key is to repent for that sin even if they are NOT GUILTY. Repenting shuts the enemy’s mouth. What then can the devil say when you say “ I repent,” and do not even try to defend yourself? Jesus does that and His word does also and He IS the word. When you follow His example, then the accusation becomes what is judged. Many very anointed people do not do this lightly, because, as a result, people have died.

If you say anything negative about another believer, that believer immediately begins to feel the effects of your negative comments because you just gave the enemy the legal right to attack them. It has been proven to be true that often ministers go through attack after they come home from going out to minister because of lies spoken about the ministers.

The maligned ministers could go to the court of heaven on that issue and stop the attack.

From Charles: A spirit of accusation has been released against the body BY the body in this hour, for example, the “Strange Fire” conference and book that has been released. We cannot throw the proverbial baby out with the bathwater just because of some (and I admit rather egregious) errors in the Body of Christ. There are over 500 million spirit baptized believers in the world and the Charismatic and Pentecostal believers are the fastest growing segment of Christianity. Why? Because Holy Spirit gives us our Weapons of Warfare through the Gifts of Holy Spirit outlined in I Corinthians 12 and 14. Without the gifts, we are not even aware of the battle, let alone able to fight it.

Start With Your Own Bloodline

We need to first cleanse our own bloodline before we go for anyone else (unless it is our own children.) If you go for your child, you must look at what you did also that brought your child to this point. Did you say anything negative? The enemy takes your words and uses them to torment people and throw accusations at another person. Your words are powerful; that is why we must give an account to God what we say. We need to look at our own ‘stuff’ before we go to court for another.

Interceding for Others

After you have cleansed their own bloodline, intercessors can go to court for someone else and repent of their sin and the sin of their generation. It is even better if you give the person a list of sins you see and what legal rights the enemy had so that that person can personally repent. Then, you can take the issue back to court on their behalf and release to them the written blessing as a result.


This process has deeper levels where you can go court for nations, kingdoms and governments. This must be all Holy Spirit lead and not something we do just because we want to. We take not only responsibility for this when we go, but we also agree to take ownership over it in the spirit.

Maintaining the Good

Maintaining the good is important. Jesus commented on this sort of situation, saying that, the enemy goes out and can’t find rest, then returns with more demons to dwell in that place. Therefore, the person who is repenting needs to keep the territory that was won.

Also, the businesses they intercede for must have a heart of growing in the Lord sincerely. The Welsh revival was wonderful, but, after it ended, no one maintained it.

Maintaining your gained territory is important — as we do we keep the enemy at bay. Reports say the people ended up worse after the revival was over.

Asking for Justice

It takes the Holy Spirit to reveal the lies and the sin and the generational issues for which we need to repent. We must be able to hear and/or see what is happening or impressions we are getting. After going to court, we can then ask for justice. The defendant in court can ask for what was stolen to be returned 7-fold (or more.) This can be applied when interceding for another if, by the Holy Spirit, you ‘see’ what was stolen, where and when; you then can ask for justice by writing down the accusations that caused the situations in the first place, repenting, and asking for restitution.

Two examples in One Family

I once saw someone whose family members were stolen from many generations ago. I brought that to court and repented for whatever had occurred in that time. I asked the Lord to forgive them and then release what was stolen from them in that current family member’s lives 7-fold. I saw in the spirit that their family members had a home by the sea. That they were hospitable and the ships that came in to their land. They had given the travelers food and shelter, but were stolen from by these travelers. I then commanded the enemy to release what had been stolen into that current person’s life 7 times over. The same person also had family members who lost wealth because of a war.

You can release generational blessing/ mantels, etc., on the person’s life which was held up because of sin.

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