God is Bursting onto the Scene in 2015!

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2015 Seven Mountains Prophecies

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“Bursting onto the scene in 2015!”

To burst onto the scene means to become suddenly famous.  Our God is going to become suddenly famous. So will many of you (in heaven for sure and maybe even on earth)! Read on!



A Gamma-ray burst. They are the brightest electromagnetic events that occur in the universe.

Click here for more on the science of these bursts of activity from other worlds.

The word for 2015 that the Lord has given me is “Burst”.  There will be a burst of activities, a burst of new inventions, new cures, bursts of angelic activity such as we have not seen in many decades and new opportunities for God’s people.  I will burst on the scene with the new for you and you will burst onto the scene in 2015, says the Lord!

The Lord says I am not going to hold back this year I am going to let the cat out of the bag.  He is not a pussycat he is the lion of the tribe of Judah!  Some surprises are in store and more things being uncovered both good and not so good but ultimately for my purposes for this nation and the nations of the world.

A GRB, or Gamma-Ray Burst occurs from other worlds (galaxies) and emits enough energy in the form of ultra-violet, optical, X-ray, microwave and radio waves in a few seconds to a few minutes that exceeds the entire output of our sun over its lifetime.  God is coming in 2015 with His EMP’s what I call “HEMP’s” (His Electro-Magnetic pulses – not cannabis but it comes from the Most High) from His world into ours on many wavelengths suddenly with some bursts of spiritual activity and help for mankind and especially his church.   This is not the time of the antichrist nor is it time for World War III.  God is coming into 2015 tointervene.   The GRB waves are used in all sorts of communications in our world.  Likewise God wants to communicate with us in many new ways in 2015 with his burst of impulses and messages to mankind! This is a message about the messages that will come that I am delivering to you today, on New Year’s Eve 2014.

I see the word burst relating to sudden surprises and solutions and new opportunities for you.  It’s like a flower suddenly opening and all of its beauty just appears seemingly out of no-where. But it was prepared in the bud all along and came from the bud.  You are in the bud and the bud has been the environment and atmosphere that I have prepared you in, says the Lord!  Your environment has been for your good.

Also, like a skyrocket on the 4th of July enters the darkness of night and eyes strain to see its path, higher and higher she goes, it’s like your friends and family are saying “we know God is going to do somethingwith her…” then suddenly a burst of activity and the night sky is filled with the sight and sound and color in the shape of a beautiful flower.  You are that flower and God has written your name in the night sky.  You are as permanent a part of the night sky as his stars, solar systems and galaxies!  It is time for you to burst onto the scene with the gifts and callings, ideas and creativity that God has placed in the shell or the bud of you.  He has been propelling you into the night, streaking you across the skies with almost an unseen tail until the time of your appearing to get you positioned and now in 2015 you will burst onto the scene and light up the night sky!  Daniel 12:3 says that they are wise shall shine like the brightness of the firmament.

Your Tale:

Like a skyrocket or a comet it’s time for your tail to be seen and your tale to be told.  The story of you!  It’s time for you to even write and get your story out to the world.  2015 is an unprecedented year of writing the book of your life for God’s people.  God has a book of Life which records the names of those saved, why not a book of your life?  The story that saved you?  The story that became you. Who you are in 2015?

Talk about a coming-out party that will declare your independence from the world systems and celebrate and empower the season of independence for your sphere of influence, your clients, those you minister to, and those that even will pay you! Liberty is coming!

Yes, your knowledge and experience is worth being paid for.  Think of this as your new career, a stream of income for you.  As a note have you thought about entering the new and exciting field of coaching?  See my website for more on my new Seven Mountains coaching books entitled “Let Heaven Invade the Seven Mountains of Culture – 7M Coaching Certification Guide” and the quick read “Become a Seven Mountains Coach”.

Our Tale:

While I am talking about us, as an update 2014 was a year of expansion for WISE with our association with the Wagner Leadership Institute (WLI), and joining the HIM Network (Harvest International Ministry) as well as a year of growing roots in Southern California both in Orange County and in the Los Angeles area.

We conducted our first Tipping Point 2.5 day unconference outside of Texas and in Los Angeles in June. God released angels that have never been released before to California, Los Angeles and Hollywood to prepare us for what is to come through the Tipping Point.  Click TippingPointHollywood.com for more information. We conducted several click Gates2Hollywood.com meetings.  We also conducted several click Tipping Point Networking dinners in cities across America.  BTW, let me know if you want to bring the river of God to your city.

We are now an empty nest as Nathanael, our only son went off to click Pepperdine University in Malibu.

I wrote six (6) books in 2014, received my Doctorate in Theology and another in Divinity and plan on another 5 books Lord-willing and time permitting in 2015 as God is bringing our ministry to the world and commissioning me to “write the vision and make it plain”. Click LetHeavenInvade7M.com for more info.

2015 has been a year of shifting and true marketplace ministry.  I have worked in traditional ministry and preached and prophesied as well as lead company efforts in the business mountain using my skills gleaned from the last 20 years.

WISE expanded with the establishment of a Governmental Spiritual Advisory Team (GSAT) in Washington, DC and we expanded our ministry in Hollywood and appeared on several Christian TV programs.

Our Seven Mountains Institute:  The five volume “Let Heaven Invade the Seven Mountains of Culture” series is becoming our foundational curriculum for our planned three year Seven Mountains Institute.  Click 7MInstitute.com for more information.

I am working on bringing local church services to a global audience of 120 million through leading the click Church on the Air arm of The Way TV.

I am currently focusing on leading the efforts of a Christian health and wellness direct sales company called click One Line Group.

I am part of the leadership for a hydrogen-on-demand company called click Now Enterprises.

Last but not least I started a full-service publishing company called Spirit-Led Publishing. Click SpiritLedPublishing.com for more information. We publish the Master Pieces.




I think of the candy Starburst – a burst of fruity island flavors of variety and color is getting ready to happen for you!  New environments, how about an island attitude happening in your mouth, you will taste and seethat the Lord is good in 2015 and speak of my loving kindness and testify of my goodness and see that I have paced you in a new environment and in a new atmosphere and communicated with you in a new way on a new level and given you a burst of new opportunities and a platform says the Lord!


Angels bursting onto the scene:



Angels are being released now and their release will increase and accelerate in 2015.  These are angels that correspond to the Seven Spirits of God as outlined in Isaiah 11:2.  These angels are communicators and miracle workers and they will prepare God’s people and release them into their modern day Joseph and Daniel callings and release the seven moves of God – one for each mountain in the seven mountains of culture.  See my books for more on this topic.

Becoming Melchizedek:

Gen 14, Psalm 110, Hebrews 5, 6 and 7

The Order of Melchizedek which consists of earthly ministry offices of apostle and prophet are combining with the heavenly administrative functions of king and priest.  These four functions will now operate through those that have a role as sons in The Order of Melchizedek. The Orders’ assignment is to bring an amalgamation of heaven and earth.

The offices and functions of apostle and prophet will continue to exist but now have been augmented by the Melchizedek Order. Some apostles and prophets have been/will be promoted to the next level in Melchizedek. For those of you who have been sensing and desiring more, it is here, it is now. You will know if this is you if you have been operating both as an apostle and a prophet in the past.  God is now adding priestly and kingly functions to your assignment.  That means The Holy and the seven mountains and their marketplaces.

Again, I am talking about ministering and administering God’s holiness from heaven into earth.  Within the veil as a high priestly function.  Reigning and ruling as a king in a kingly function. Making decrees that have the power of life and death.  Melchizedek is about responsibility and ultimately co-creating with God.  You will ultimately be able to say to the mountain “be removed” and to the sea “let a new mountain or island be formed”. It is the fullness of what was promised to Adam.  It is the fulfillment of what the new age claims to be – to be God.  We are not divine but will be participating in his god-hood so-to-speak in the cosmos.  The priesthood is the highest form and manifestation of son-ship in our day.  Please see my forthcoming books, Volume 5 of “Let Heaven Invade the Seven Mountains of Culture – 7M General’s Certification Guide” for advanced principles and techniques for God’s emerging generals and “Becoming Melchizedek”, to be published in 2015.


We must overcome the disappointments of the past and the associated delays and ask God to fill these voided areas with a double portion of his presence.  As I write this we are in the Hebraic year 5775 which is a picture of an open window that we can see through (and this is true for 2014-2019 as well). The last digit 5 in 5775 is a picture of a rushing wind blowing through it.  This is the year of the whirlwind!  5775 and 5776 are also sabbatical years of rest.  It is God’s whirlwind that he is sending to shake us up and to separate us from that which entangles us and God is freeing us from delay and our past disappointments and filling us with him.


USA Politics:

They will try to ram things through the congress very quickly to avoid scrutiny.  We thought it was done only under the democrats and Obamacare, but no.

This is not your normal republican congress.

Behind the scenes dinners and agreements.  Is this the new-normal in politics on both sides of the aisle?

Amnesty by Memorandum:

Whether you sympathize with amnesty or not the way it was accomplished was not constitutional.

God tells me that President Obama’s unconstitutional memorandum (it was not an executive order) will eventually be overturned.

USA Government:

The next 2 years are going to be most dangerous for this nation since the civil war era.  The temptation is for President Obama to continue to do what he wants and not to be reigned-in by the other two branches of government – the legislative and the judicial.  Congress and the senate are the ones who make laws.  The president executes the laws.  We need our elected officials to have some backbone against this overreach.

The word again is temptation, will laws be made because it can be done or done because they should be done in the construct and defined limits of law and order and of the three branches?

The spiritual significance of the overreach of the executive branch and the duplicity and minimization of opposing views cannot be overemphasized.  It is huge for the nation and for future administrations. Our system and our nation hangs in the balance.   The Fast and Furious and Benghazi scandals, the Affordable Care Act being passed without one vote from the other side. Heaven is crying out for justice and will not be mocked.  I say that again, those things that are going on in secret, the secret meetings and pacts, Heaven sees them and heaven will not be mocked. The Lord says that I have not forgotten this nation and its founding fathers.

Not to mention the 18 trillion in national debt and counting. Talk about a burst of activity.  What message or impulses are we sending and what financial burden are we laying onto the next generation?  Men have only cared about themselves and our own ideologies and not the next generations. This is the greatest grievance that heaven has against this nation.

Yet, God has a plan, an alternative energy plan, a burst of economic activity plan that will exceed the industrial and informational revolutions, a hydrogen plan, an unlimited un-polluting energy source to save this nation and the world.  We must not give up hope. Heaven’s plans and Jesus’ plans are greater than any plans the Illuminati or our leaders have for America and the nations of the world.  II Chron. 7:14. God’s plan may also be in allowing for a world-wide jubilee that wipes away all debts and resets the financial systems of the world.


Many people’s coverings are beginning to come off.  This is a good thing.  Last year I saw people moving to many new assignments and moving geographically, as we did ourselves.  Now I see as it were people wrapped up as a gift in wrapping paper.  The wrapping paper represents your current spiritual coverings and is colorful and there was much variety but it was thin in its manufacture.  The wrapping paper would tear easily after some handling anyway. It was not meant to contain you but to present you (get it, a present, as a gift)? The wrapping paper was covering up the gift – or gifts that the God’s people had.  The wrapping paper represents a denominations or other ministry groups that have served their purpose.  God is taking the wraps off and exposing you and your ministry in a new way.  It is time for your gifts to come forward.  The wraps are coming off in 2015.  God is letting the cat out of the bag.  Get ready for you to burst onto the scene and for your exposure to the world – the special gifts that you are and the gifts that you possess.  Your covering served a purpose for a season but now it is changing.



There is a tendency towards more and more lawlessness among the people in leadership and among the civilian population in general.  The police have become militarized and the federal government wants to take over local police forces.  It must not be allowed to happen.

Racial tensions are better in this country but the enemy and the globalists are trying and successfully reopening up wounds that have been healed.

Our youth have way too much time on their hands and idleness is the devil’s playground. Let’s put them to work businessmen!

Now is the best opportunity for the church to go beyond their four walls and to make a difference in their communities.

The Prophetic Ministry in 2015:

The prophetic ministry is changing – getting more accurate and getting more subjective; it depends on who you are and your response; less fixed more variable; less for groups of people and more for individuals; less general more specific.

God may not speak as much in one season then all-of-a-sudden speak a lot. It is up to us that are prophets to pull on our relationship with god as well as those receiving prophetic ministry – to pull on our relationship for greater understanding. Not to be as children but adults. The Prophetic Ministry is finally maturing in 2015.

People are going to be living and experiencing the prophetic in a new way.

The Lord says I am going to open heaven in a new way and access to heaven this year and I am inviting all to come up higher with me; I will stimulate your five spiritual senses and activate your vision in a new way.  In a new way I will pull you up to where I am so that you can see and prophesy in the earth butabove the earth.  You will in a experiential way see that you are seated with me in heavenly places far above all principalities and powers.

It is essential beginning this year that you see and prophesy from my perspective – from Heaven’s perspective because if you speak from earth’s perspective you will be too caught-up and affected  in what is happening on the earth and I desire you to be up with me. Come up and come into your prophetic ministry and experience it in living color and in all of your spiritual senses and bring it back to earth. You will bring some of heaven with you!  This is the prophetic in the Order of Melchizedek which is heaven in earth not just heaven coming down to earth. Credit for heaven in earth is due to Ian Clayton.



Many of China’s men do not have wives to choose from.

In 2013 a relaxing of the One Child policy allowed for a second child if one of the parents was an only child.

God tells me that a full moratorium on the One Child Policy is coming.  It may be on a year-by-year basis but it is coming.

USA Defense:


The Lord is telling me that there will be some holes discovered in our defense systems, whether they be nuclear, cyber security, etc.  It will be much bigger than the 2014 Sony incident (which may have been an inside job BTW).  Our defenses both at home and abroad will be tested in a greater way.  The enemy will be looking for weaknesses and people that are plants in the homeland may become much more active this year.  Intercession is key as always this year.

There will need to be more emergency drills and practices so that we will not have a “knee-jerk reactions” to surprises as a nation.  Contingency plans must be tested this year. In many cases contingency plans need to be developed. We need to avoid the global repercussions of knee-jerk reactions.

Family Survival Plan:

More planning needs to be done even at the level of the family.  Do you have an emergency evacuation plan?  Do you have emergency supplies in a backpack that you can take with you?  Can you survive for 3-5 days away from home?  Can you filter water?  Sleep in the cold?  Enough said.

Shields of Defense:


God wants to develop shields of defense over major industries, economies and territories over this nation and the nations of the world. Specific prayer teams will be raised-up for each of these areas this year.


Russia and Ukraine and others:

The enemy wants to start World War III but it is not time.  Also, tensions between North and South Korea, India and Pakistan and Iran and Israel all are powder kegs.  This is the makings of regional conflicts that could become global in nature.  We must pray. Russia is a bear that has been cornered through sanctions.  Russia needs to determine whether it is a sheep or goat nation

Russia’s economy is in free fall.  Look for China to help.



We have already seen a change in approach by the Palestinians in the Synagogue stabbings. Another approach is the Palestinians increasing pressure on Israel from the UN and through the USA with the political approach.  Pray the USA stands strong with Israel as our own protection from God relies on this.    Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, founded by Shem a contemporary of Abraham who met Melchizedek (Shem) in the Valley of the Kings.



Could go to 40 a barrel. Good and bad for USA, bad for TX, ND, PA, etc. Will force a scuttling of many oil platforms and already major layoffs and a slowdown in GDP in TX.  TX is much better positioned this time around that in the 1980’s when a major recession ensued because of the drop in oil.


Look for declines in home values in 2015 in most regions and regional home building upticks in some hot areas and slowdowns in housing starts in other regions.

Gold and Silver:

As I said last year do not bet against gold; gold is finishing 2014 almost exactly where it left off at the end of 2013. It will be a volatile year for gold and much profit can be made.  I feel that everyone should own some silver and have some cash on hand in case of emergencies.  $1000.00 or so in different denominations should be adequate.


Foreign Policy:

There will be far-reaching consequences to foreign policy decisions that have been made in the last few years.  In some cases good but in others not so good. Hear “the chickens are coming home to roost.”


Hear the “Master Plan” is going to be enacted this year but God already has a response and it is his people praying His will for America and the nations and not their own.  Try as they may, the Elite will not win.


God is raising up 24/7 Christian television (satellite) stations that will not be ostensibly Christian but will report the truth to the world.

Arts and Entertainment:

Liz and I are assigned to Hollywood.  We commissioned 70 people to Arts and Entertainment at our Tipping Point Hollywood unconference in June of 2014.  Click TippingPointHollywood.com for more information and for the latest prophetic revelation.

I hear that Hollywood is “coming of age” and to me that means that Hollywood is growing up and maturing and that the “adolescents” are being purged and that quality is coming back to Hollywood and that means more Christian and family-oriented films. In 2014 Hollywood figured out what works and what does not work and what the people want – they want quality films and stories to be told. As Hollywood’s “Year of the Bible” comes to a close let every year be a year of the bible.



Like never before the family is under attack, from the most horrendous video games like Grand Theft Auto 5 to the breakdown of traditional marriage through the gay agenda.  God has a response.  The Lord says that new organizations that center on the family and the promotion of family values will begin to spring up in 2015.  Like Focus on the Family 35+ years ago I am calling my culture warriors to fight for the family again, says the Lord.  Family and marriage will become a rallying call again from godly candidates in 2016 and beyond.


New opportunities for Kingdom Businesses.  Do not let fear hold you back my business people. There are new opportunities for you to branch into.  Again, I see the word burst and a burst of activity for some businesses that are positioned to benefit from new markets and new product and service lines.  I hear if you stand still in 2015 you will lose ground and that is not my will for you says the Lord.  Your business could also burst if you do not have the infrastructure to handle the increase of activity so heed this warning.   Counteract fear with faith and intimacy with me.  I am calling my business-people closer to me in 2015 and to rededicate your business to me in 2015 so that I may protect it, says the Lord.

Please see my books “Let Heaven Invade the Seven Mountains of Culture: 7M Leadership Certification Guide” or the quick read “Become a Seven Mountains Leader” for how you can increase your ascendancy and influence in the seven mountains through the implementation of a Spiritual Advisory Team and other cutting-edge strategies.  All of my books are available at the 7MInstitute.com (for a discount) or on Amazon.



The Lord says that people are going to enlist in God’s educational army to take back this mountain especially this year.  People realize that with Common Core that education and our grade and middle schools have almost become off limits for parents while the children are indoctrinated with a historical-altered view. One little girl was taught that mommies are not teachers and that she could not learn from her mommy! Parents will rise anew and protest their children being taught things that are ungodly and unpatriotic.  I see a move of God at Harvard University in 2015.

Exposure of Corruption:

Corruption is going to be further uncovered in all seven mountains but especially government, says the Lord.

We have seen the exposure of racism and other corruption in Arts and Entertainment with the Sony Hacking.  We have seen the exposure of unfair treatments and bullying on both sides in the city of Ferguson, MO and other unfortunate deaths of black youths.

2015 we will see corruption exposed in the church as well.

May the Lord bless you and keep you in 2015!

Dr. Charles Robinson

Southern California, December 31st, 2014

512 250 9006

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