The Season of the Joseph’s 2015 – New Insights

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Dr. Charles Robinson

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Two cows have been born with seven’s (7’s) on their heads.  One is a Red Heifer, symbolic of the old testament sacrifices.

7+7 is 14.  It’s been 14 years since 9/11/2001.

Can God give a more exact sign that we have been in periods of seven years and we will be entering into the third cycle of seven’s since 2001. A shmita year?  Will something possibly drastic happen to our economy this fall, specifically in the month’s of September or October?  God can do anything he wants but many sense that a large correction is coming, something greater than what happened in 2008.  I believe that we are entering into a second period of 7 years – Joseph’s seven lean years, after we have seen the seven fat years from 2008 until 2015.  In the Hebrew years it’s currently 5775, going into 5776.  See Genesis 37-50.  But, stick around, what will be lean for the world will be a time of abundance for a certain group of people.

Not to mention this; what about American Pharaoh winning the triple crown?   Does this mean that the USA (America) has been given a warning by God like Pharaoh of old? Also, is America like Egypt of old in Pharaoh’s time that was about to enter into a calamity of famine but God sent Joseph to prepare for it (God wanted to save his own people and used the pharaoh, used Egypt to save them).  Triple Crown – the thirdcycle of sevens from 2001 is now getting ready to begin!  Joseph’s story begins in Genesis 37.

It has been 37 years since a single horse has won the triple crown.  37 is like 777, three 7’s – signifying perfection.  There are many other fascinating facts that could be said about the number 37.  You may want to research this yourself.

Let me take a step backward, I promise there is MUCH HOPE and more revelation to come in this article! For, your time has come if you are one of the special ones that God has had his hand on, preparing you for what is to come.

You need to be aware that the great end-time wealth transfer, (see Pr. 13:22) is not coming to everyone but to the Joseph’s that have been prepared.  The Joseph’s will be the channels or the conduits for this great amount of wealth to those that God has given specific assignments. IE, the Joseph’s will be the storehouses that these draw from to be able to complete their assignments.

Since 2008 when the seven fat or abundant years began in God’s Joseph timetable, Liz and I and Nathanael have experienced great tests of faith and great challenges particularly in our finances.  As a little background, I am an ordained minister and a successful IT Database professional along with being a real estate investor.  Prior to the crash of 2008, money was not an issue for us, we had accumulated eight (8) houses, 7 for investment purposes that were rentals and life was really good.

Then 2008, the rug was pulled out of the economy, rental payments started becoming late and I experienced the downside of real estate.   We wound up losing all of our homes and even selling our own home in Austin, TX on a ‘short sale” to avoid foreclosure. We wound up in what the Lord had showed me was an “escape capsule” of an apartment in Round Rock, Texas.

If life for you has been abundant and prosperous over the last seven years then maybe you are going to need the assistance of the Joseph’s in the coming seven years.   I am not trying to scare you but there has been a process that God has been placing his Joseph’s in preparation for.  The seven fat years have not been prosperous for us – God’s Emerging Joseph’s, at least in the financial or in feeling like being a “success” as God has been taking us through an unimaginable crushing on the backside of the desert so that every bit of leaven that the world has put into us, every bit of trusting in our own strengths, every bit of trusting in our own human wisdom has been burned out.  Can you relate?

I am not going to be legalistic and say only if you have incurred great losses in the last seven years that you cannot be a true emerging Joseph, don’t get me wrong.  But, this is the pattern that has occurred in my life and the lives of many others. The Lord has shown me that GREAT REVERSALS are getting ready to come for me and to his Joseph’s that have been faithful and not turned away from the Lord’s processing.  For that is what it has been, has the Lord been processing you over the last 7 (or more) years?

In the midst of imprisonment God was preparing his deliverer of the known world at that time. In the midst of being rejected by his family and enslaved God was training Joseph up on the inside, working on his faith and his character.  The God that had given him dreams would not let him down!   Think about this.  Has the wait and the suffering been worth it? We shall see and I already know the answer!

You say you are a Joseph, yet you have no wealth and riches.  I once thought this and thought that I could NOT be a Joseph because all I had was seeming lack.  There is no pain like the lack of finances, especially if you have had finances in the past. It is a cruel taskmaster.  Now, don’t get me wrong, God has provided and we even are putting our son through an expensive university right now so the hurting has been reduced by many degrees.

But, God reminded me that Joseph was still Joseph when he was in the pit, Joseph was still Joseph when he was in the jail and still Joseph when he was in stocks in the deepest and darkest dungeon.  Wherever Joseph was and to whatever he was assigned to, he prospered that thing.

So, you don’t have the outward manifestation of financial prosperity in your life.  Are you still a Joseph?  Yes!  My middle name is Joseph. By the way, your middle name is what you are called to be and your first name is who you are.  Charles means “strong and manly”.  I hope I am living up to that description!

Has God called you to save a multitude?  To provide for them?  Kind of like one of the twelve tribes, the Issachar tribe that knew the times and the seasons and what Israel should do.  I Chron. 12:32. Kind of like Noah the ark-builder all wrapped up into one man or woman of God?  God is again preparing an ark of safety so that a people can be preserved.

While the world was going through great prosperity since 2008 and rebuilding and experiencing new highs in the Dow Jones, and NASDAQ.  While banks were flush with money and they and other corporations would buy-back millions of shares of their own company stock thus fueling an ever-increasing stock market mania and ensuring record bonus levels for their principals.   (I am not talking about the middle or lower classes, these groups have about 30 percent less “wealth” than they did before 2008), but the rich and the powerful, like the large multinational corporations and the ever-increasing and bloated money printing and endless quantitative easing’s “QE’s” of the governments around the world, but especially in the USA.

While the world was going through 7 great increasing or fat years (see Genesis 37 through 50), BTW, the longest running narrative in the bible, must be that important, huh?.  Our lovely Joseph – such an awesome type of our wonderful Yeshua, was storing up and meeting-out the grain and engineering the storage to protect it against rat infestations and disease and waste.  Joseph was an engineer, a planner and full of wisdom.  Joseph was storing up and saving the resources for the coming seven lean years.

While the 1% has been growing in wealth you and I have been tested and tried.  While the problems of the planet have been getting worse and worse, God has had you in preparation.  As wars and rumors of wars were increasing and earthquakes in diverse places, he has been giving you the plans, the solutions. God has had his hand/wing over you.  Ps. 91. God has been getting ready for us to be able to handle the real wealth of the kingdom. Not just finances, but responsibility, ideas, inventions, blueprints, compassion, preservation, lands, buildings, territories, cites and even nations!

Now that the world has entered into 2015 and ultimately into 5776 this September of 2015, this Shmita year, fortunes shall be lost by the relatively few and gained by the many. The many Joseph’s that have been in the crucible of the prison of God until the appointed time when the “dream” needs to be interpreted by Pharaoh. God’s dreams for this world are now the dreams that need to be interpreted and walked-out and implemented by his Joseph’s. Planetary and even cosmic enigmas or puzzles need to be interpreted and solved. Who are the Nephilim?  How will they come?  Many believe the alien phenomena is real and that radars do not lie.   Great and wise solution’s to financial problems and societal problems and spiritual problems need to come forth! The appointed time has now come.  Get ready! As the darkness covers the earth and gross darkness the peoples’, the Lords light shall shine on and in and through you!  Read Is. 60:1-3.


Can you see that what the world has been experiencing has been the opposite for what God’s Josephs’ have been experiencing?  2008-2015, massive increase for the 1%.  Time of economic testing for the Joseph’s.  2015-2022, massive increase in finances and responsibilities for the Josephs. Economic upheaval for the world.

God Speaking:

As the darkness covers the earth the light on you shall increase!  The worse the world gets the better you will get and the more anointed you will be.  This is not a time to fear for your life for you will be unmovable and untouchable says the Lord.  I will have legions of angels surround you while you work and minster and I will prosper you for you have passed the tests and you have been promoted.  You were always my Joseph in my sight, my (put your name here _____). You have waited behind the scenes until the time of your rising.  You have the greatest reward of all up to this point in time says the Lord. You have been found faithful.  Therefore I will make you ruler over much and give you to reign and to rule over my kingdom. You will not use the resources that I put into your hands for yourself.  You will distribute them wisely and prudently, just as Joseph did and I will save and preserve your families like I did Joseph’s family and not only that but the Egyptians were spared as well.  Those that do not know me yet will be stirred by the way you conduct yourself and be saved, many of them physically as well as spiritually.

Woe, to the rich and haughty and the so-called Elite for the seven lean years are beginning says the Lord. Can your great excess of money save you? Can the secret hideouts that you have prepared for yourselves save you from the rioting masses?  Does not my eye see you, that scheme and plan calamity against my people?  You shall be rewarded appropriately.

This will be a time of blessing for those that hide in me for I shall be their shield and buckler in times of need says the Lord. I will feed and clothe you; I will give you my miracles of multiplication.  My Joseph’s these will be fat years for you since you have endured the lean years.  Again, they will be fat for you and for yours and for those that I have assigned to you.  You have come into your destiny and there has never been a generation like you.  There are many thousands of you now that stand at the ready, prepared  from your mother’s wombs, born into this age to be activated by faith and relationship in your God. Dan. 12:3

Therefore I activate you NOW!  I say COME FORTH into your destiny!


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