Word for Hebrew Year, 5776, 2016, Financial Meltdown? Rapture Immanent?

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2015-2016, Hebrew Year 5776, Seven Mountains Prophecies


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Dr Charles Robinson


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It turns out while finalizing this strategic intelligence for 5776 that God had me in China.


We know in part and we see in part. I Cor. 13:9

Here is my part…


Some information via Wikipedia:

5776 (Hebrew: ה’תשע”ו , abbr.: תשע”ו) is a Hebrew year that will start in the evening before September 14, 2015, and will end on October 2, 2016. This year has 385 days. It is a leap year in the Hebrew Metonic cycle, with two Adar months – Adar I and Adar II. It is the first year after a Shmita year. 5776 has thirteen months. 1 Tishri 5776, begins the year.


6 is the Hebrew word Vav. Six is the number of man; six days of creation, six working days in the week; manifestation of sin; weakness of man. 5776 has 385 days. God is giving us extra time this year. He is being longsuffering with us, his church. Like for Joshua, he is giving us more light this “day” so that we can overcome our enemies. For this is a day to fight! We must not be complacent.

This New Year is a leap year; time to leap over the problems and issues that you will encounter!


2016 is a year that will bring to fullness what was started in 2015 in your life, in your family, in your city and nation. We will see the fullness of both good and evil.


Let’s get right to it with the questions you are asking. Is the financial world as we know it ending in a few days? Is the Rapture immanent? What does God have to say about the Rapture, Shmita, harbingers, Blood Moons, jubilee, etc…


Glaciers Melting, Financial Meltdown

I see the financial systems of the world such as the Federal Reserve, BIS – Bank of International Settlements, the IMF, World Bank, etc. like large glaciers. Glaciers are mostly underwater (like our financial system), are slow-moving and usually melt slowly (if you believe in global warming) and sometimes increase in size in cooling periods.

However, I see the Lord breathing his hot breath upon these global glacial financial systems and they are now melting rapidly.


The more methods to try to prop-up the systems, whether it be with Quantitative Easing, the Asian Contagion, IE the devaluation of the Yuan, a Greek exit from the EU and ongoing bailout talks, the quicker the glaciers are melting. This is a visual of what is happening now. The Financial Meltdown of the old debt-based system, in which the USA/Europe has had the hegemony via the IMF and Federal Reserve for the last 100+ years will reveal two totally new systems. An Asian/Russian led consortium and a Kingdom-led consortium. For God’s people there will be the kingdom system or multiple loosely-coupled systems. It is only for those people locked into the new world’s system that will run into buying and selling problems. God’s people need to go with God’s Kingdom Economy. However, we all will feel the shaking’s as the old system totally melts down before our eyes. 2015 is the beginning, but the meltdown will continue into 2016.


This is the transfer of wealth from the old system to the new systems. Remember, that this is not a destruction of wealth but a change in ownership. God’s wealth has been laid-up for you and for me but we must listen to his prophets, listen to his Josephs and listen to his Melchizedek Priests on how to unlock the treasures hidden in darkness, inside the ice. See Cyrus, Is. 45:3.


I also see that not just the gold and silver and precious stones but the industries that led to these vast fortunes are in the nucleus or core of these glaciers such as oil, kerosene, railways, steel, plastics, etc. (see the History Channel, “The Men Who Built America”). God is going to unlock and launch such a new wave of innovation that entirely new industries such as robotics, nanotech, cures for every major disease, etc. will create new vast fortunes and redistribute wealth. What communism and socialism promised – a redistribution of wealth, God will do it in his way in this hour and do it through innovation and do it through you and me!


Let’s continue…


Inside of many of these systems (glaciers) is wealth that has been hidden for decades and even generations and hundreds of years. It is the initial or “old” money/wealth of the wealthiest families and dynasties of the world. I see the wealth of the nations and the wealth of the wicked being unlocked. Not only that, but many of the monies that have been held in abeyance for God’s people as well. What had been frozen assets are now being thawed-out and transferred around the world as when a glacier melts the water enters the waterways of the world through the currents that connect the oceans.

The money and other financial instruments and assets are being transferred such as gold and silver to newer financial structures likes the BRICS Bank – Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. The Federal Reserve is merging with the PBOC – The Peoples’ Bank of China. This global money system, run by the “Money Masters” comprises the “Beast” system outlined in the Bible and its mark. “That they would not be able to buy or sell unless they have the mark” (paraphrase). Rev. 13.


He Who Owns the Gold Make the Rules

There must be a gold-backed system to bring stability. Russia has already entertained the idea as well as China. By the way, China holds vast amounts of gold, probably the most in the world of any country. HOWEVER, off-balance sheets may reveal trillions in gold owned by some wealthy families (remember inside the icebergs – in the entrenched ice), however, enough to pay of the national debts of every country in the world. Entrenched: of an attitude, habit, or belief, firmly established and difficult or unlikely to change; ingrained

JP Morgan has accumulated an estimated 50 million ounces of silver. What do they know that we should know? What I am telling you!


The new Kingdom Financial System will be gold backed. It has to be. Fiat currency is what got us into this problem in the first place. For example, in the USA, 1971, President Nixon took the USA off the gold standard.

Can you see that God has a plan? Can you see that the world isn’t going to become poor? FEAR NOT MY CHILDREN, says the Lord that called you out of Egypt by the strength of my right arm! Is. 51:9-15.

Yes, there are shakings, but did you see how the markets recovered last August? That was but the beginning of shakings, says the Lord. There are more to come. We must see the current debt-based systems fail for the new to come. Again, fear not! The Lord says, I will provide for your needs.


Amalgamation of heaven and earth

Many are looking for the rapture of the church, Sunday, September 13th, 2015 on the Feast of Trumpets. I am sorry, the great “catching away” shall not happen on this date but the Lord has something to say about this scripture.

God, and specifically the Father, is going to tabernacle with his people again. God is not only coming down but we, of his true church are going up. Think of the Scripture “For the Lord shall descend from heaven with a shout and with the voice of the archangel. And the dead in Christ shall rise and we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them to meet the Lord in the air”. I Thes. 4:16 (paraphrase).


Saints, let’s meet the Lord in the air

There shall be a meeting below heaven and above earth. The church needs to learn to ascend and meet heaven when it descends. The church needs to work by God’s plan and standards and with Heaven’s requirements. Heaven has opened a door and is requiring us to come up here. Rev. 4:1.

This is not the rapture of the church in the traditional sense, but an amalgamation of heaven and earth.

An amalgamation means two distinct elements coming together, forming together, with the idea that the two are better and stronger than one.


For example, in dental work an amalgam is the fusing of mercury (which is a liquid at room temperature) with gold or silver. The gold, for example is soft and malleable. When gold is combined with mercury it forms a malleable but hard and stable metal that is used to make, for instance, crowns.


You have a dental appointment

Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks

God wants to repair our teeth that may have been broken, in our mouths and the words that we have been speaking. There are cracks, cavities and bad roots that need to be repaired, even at the foundation and then covered by his crowns. His crowning glory.


I see a golden crown in the mouth of God’s children making you empowered to speak. That crown helps to shape the air that is coming out of the mouth and helps the mouth and the tongue to form words. You need to speak with God’s breath flowing over new golden teeth if you will. A new golden message from heaven flowing though you. One that replaces the old, cracked, rotten and even painful (as in a toothache) message. Even the old message some have been speaking that God is going to take us out before anything really challenging happens.

Amalgamation is about meeting God, getting his mandates and speaking them. A change in our confession.


Dual Action

See this, now. Heaven’s resources, ability, wisdom and empowerment are coming to meet us in the air. Ministry will not just be an earthly or terrestrial ministry. The church must awaken and arise/ascend to meet him in the air. There is a dual action here. Heaven will no longer do all the work. God the Father has already sent Yeshua (Jesus) for salvation. Jesus has already send the Spirit of the Father (the Holy Spirit) for the Baptism in the Spirit. Now, all of heaven is reaching out in the air above the earth that is in the atmosphere. The atmosphere of earth is going to be combined or amalgamated with the atmosphere of heaven. All of heaven will not truly descend until the New Jerusalem descends at the start of the Millennial Reign of Yeshua, but what is about to happen in selected territories and regions all over the earth is the next step in this process.


Remember, Lucifer is called the Prince of the Power of the Air.


Eph. 2:2. Together, heaven and earth are now challenging his reign in this space.

The air above the earth is the space between heaven and earth. This is a space of positional reigning and ruling with Yeshua in Heavenly Places. There are Heavenly Places that will be portals between heaven and earth that God is establishing. Will your home be such a place? Your work? Your church? It is up to you. These are such spaces in which, I believe the rapture of the church (Dr. Bill Hamon calls this the “R/T” – Resurrection/Translation) will eventually take place. This amalgamation has to do with heaven’s authority in earth and kingly and priestly duties being administered by the Order of Melchizedek and its priests thereof. (See below for more on the Order of Melchizedek).


Angel Armies


We, the inhabitants of earth cannot do it (bring the Kingdom) and hold back the antichrist by ourselves. By the way, it’s not time for the antichrist, the great harvest of souls must come in first and the church must be victorious. We must have heaven’s help, heaven’s wisdom, heaven’s backing, heaven’s resources to amalgamate with ours. Not the mercury by itself or the gold by itself but an amalgam – together walking out these times. We must now operate in a team environment. We must learn how to cooperate with and work with angels. We must remember that the Lord is named The Lord, “Sabaoth” – Lord of the Angel Armies. We must remember that our Commander in Chief, the Captain of the Host, resides in heaven. We must petition heaven for its will and its force of action to decree that the kingdoms of this world have become the kingdoms of our Lord and of his Christ. Rev. 11:15


The earthly ministries of apostle and prophet will combine with the heavenly ministries of king and priest. Now, a king does have authority or a domain on earth but his true authority is given to him by the God of Heaven. They are Kings for a Season (click for blog article). A priest ministers to the Lord both in heaven and earth at the same time. Yeshua said that he did nothing on the earth unless he saw his father doing it in heaven. That is he was collocated. Such is the function of the king and the priest. Since God was on earth in the Holy of Holies the priest could minster directly to the Father. The Father has already been on earth for a number of months and desires to commune with men again like he did with Adam in the garden and to fully establish Yeshua’s Melchizedek Order.

As a side note, during my visit to China, the Father visited me and said, as a Melchizedek Priest that I was to commission some business leaders to operate within the Order of Melchizedek in their kingdom financial endeavors.


The atmosphere will not change everywhere on the earth – only where God is allowed freedom to operate, minister and move. Darkness is also going to increase in the areas that God is not “allowed” to change. That is the duality of Isaiah 60. Darkness will cover the earth and gross darkness the peoples, but the glory of the Lord will be seen upon God’s chosen (paraphrase). Like lights in the darkness.


An impenetrable fortress on the inside of us

God, the Father has come down to you and me to establish himself as an impenetrable fortress on the inside of us. Impenetrable by the enemy. We need this safety and protection and resilience for the days that are coming and even now have begun.


Back to the Garden

We now have the habitation of God among men like it was originally in the garden. Yeshua and Holy Spirit have been sent already but now the father has come back to dwell with men on the earth. This will be followed by the physical return of Yeshua for His second coming. Some, may refer to these locations of habitation as apostolic hubs or centers. It will especially be found wherever there are Melchizedek Priests operating.


The 144,000

I believe that the 144,000 mentioned in Scripture, in Revelation 7 and 14, are 12,000 Melchizedek Priests from each tribe of Israel. These are identified as Ephraim, or the ten northern scattered tribes and then Judah and Benjamin from the South. These people, both Jew and Gentile, will be bulletproof and nuclear proof. The enemy will not be able to kill them until the appointed time. Many will make it through the “Second Exodus” (Rev. 12:14) into the wilderness (Africa – NOT Israel) and survive and thrive through the 3.5 year most intense portion of the tribulation period. Want to join us? They will be operating in the same power as the Two Witnesses (Rev. 11:5).


The Restoration of Three Mantles

These mantles or functions are precursors and prerequisites to the Melchizedek Priesthood; Melchizedek will operate in any or all of these as well.



Stadium Events, acts of great power, humiliating the enemy, Elisha, strategic intelligence as outlined in II Kings 5,6, (Elisha predicts Syrians every move), unparalleled prophetic accuracy, purity, working with the Seraphim for purification of God’s church. Rebuking apostate church, wisdom.



Leadership, true apostolic ministry, fathering, delegation, acts of deliverance for God’s people, countering the new age, national judgements, wisdom.


The Joseph/Daniel Company

Provision, authority, responsibility in the business and governmental mountains, purity, character development, take the longest to purify by God because of great finances involved, distributors of the wealth of the wicked to God’s called ones, Prov. 13:22, a spirit of excellence, global problem solvers, project managers, engineers, handlers of national resources, wisdom.


Notice that all of these mantles have the much-needed gift of wisdom in operation. Daniel 12:3. Those who are wise will shine like the brightness of the heavens, and those who lead many to righteousness, like the stars for ever and ever.


Words for the Religion Mountain:


Unusual Connections

We will find more and more people from mainstream beliefs in Christianity being open to the prophetic ministry. There will be a “let’s give this a try” attitude from more and more denominations and the professionals that represent all seven mountains, within those denominations  more doors will open from the religion mountain and then those doors will lead to unusual connections in all of the other mountains.


Mainstream Denominations

Let there be meat in my house not just milk. It is the time for meat in all of my houses and weighty, anointed prophetic words and apostolic decrees; each church whether Baptist, Pentecostal, Lutheran, Episcopal will need the words of the lord over their ministry.  There is a new hunger for this that I am birthing and many minsters will go out and give those foundational words to these churches so desperate for direction and confirmation from me, says the Lord.  This is especially true of the Southern Baptists. Get ready for I am birthing a new hunger in the southern Baptists.


Power Intercession

Stratosphere: “a very high or the highest region”.   I am calling you to point to the stratosphere and to aim high in this season. Arrows of the prophetic, intercession and decrees will go into the four corners of the earth. This is a new season of power intercession. Yes, power intercession to the nations of the earth!  There shall be a new anointing on intercessory meetings says the Lord; I have sent a contingent of new angels in the earth to help it be accomplished.


New Training for Intercessors

There is a need for new training and new impartation in the area of prophetic and apostolic intercession and it shall be sent forth like arrows, even as rockets sent forth that shall pierce the stratosphere much like nuclear missiles do; yes, my intercessors are going nuclear says the Lord.  Charles – God is going to change the unclear and make it so clear that it is nuclear.

Intercessory meetings will be so charged that many will feel the surges and begin to operate in a new anointing of fire and evangelism, even that Elijah mantle, says the Lord.  Many will be caught-up in my whirlwind in this season and will spin like tops and the fire of God will be released on cities in this nation and the nations of the earth.  Release them to release. Release the spinners, release the dancers, release the people with flags for a new anointing of release is coming, an anointing for warfare and an anointing to ascend the heights says the Lord.


Ascend the heights

There are levels in heaven where I have not allowed my warriors to ascend to attain wisdom, revelation and power but now says the Lord the heights of heaven are open and new levels of power, glory, authority and administration to administrate heaven in earth are being opened up.  Ascend to obtain and to gather that which is needed and bring it to the earth.

But, everyone must learn to ascend; don’t ask me to come down, I have already come down – you must come up in this season to obtain the resources, wisdom and answers to perplexing problems and they can only be found in the heights of the my heavens’ says the Lord; it is only for the lofty, those with lofty desires, lofty cries, those that want to abide in the heights with me but not lofty ambitions says the Lord – unless it’s for my Kingdom.


The Golden Staircase

You shall ascend; you shall ascend the golden staircase for it is open to you says the Lord and some shall see it even in the meetings and it shall be opened up to ascend for there has only been up to now only one stair step per year revealed but I am now opening up the stair case for those that will be bold enough to begin to ascend upon it – but in an accelerated fashion.  To my intercessors, run – run up the golden stair case says the Lord!  I stand at the top waiting for you and my angels are already going up and down, climb up and down with them; they will hold your hands as you traverse the stair (star?) case of revelation and provision for these times and return the provisions back to earth.

I open up the access to the stair case right now says the Lord; You shall sense a new level of angelic activity in your meetings and at times you will not be able to stand in my presence because of my manifested glory for what I am about to do; I am about to launch fire to the nations!


The Order of Melchizedek – a review from my books…

There is an ancient order which actually operates in heaven but is now coming to earth – the order of Melchizedek. I have been studying the phenomenon of Melchizedek – who he was and who he is – and Abraham’s encounter with the King of Salem(peace) who had “no beginning and who has no ending” (Heb. 7:3).


Jesus (Yeshua) is, of course, the full embodiment of this Melchizedek priesthood and he will be present through those called to the priesthood in such a way that we will feel his feelings and think his thoughts. Jesus’s life was cut short at thirty-three, and now he will have the opportunity to live and intercede through you and me as his Melchizedek priests. As his priests, we will fulfill Melchizedek’s role and become the interface between God and man. I believe that Melchizedek was the ancient founder of Salem (from which we get Jerusalem).


Shem, the son of Noah and Abraham were contemporaries (alive at the same time). Some claim to have met Melchizedek in heaven and that he is an created being of a different order than angels with flesh on him.


The Three Dimensions of God


The first dimension of God was Jesus being revealed in the flesh over two thousand years ago. Jesus said “If you have seen me you have seen the Father” (John 14:7). Therefore, in Jesus dwelt all of the fullness – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit – of the godhead. He was to us what Father once was in his residence in the tabernacle – God with us.


The second dimension was the outpouring of Holy Spirit in the early 1900s.


The third dimension is the revealing of the priesthood of Melchizedek – Jesus operating in the fullness of power and authority through the priests of his order. Father will fully glorify his Son through this priesthood; concurrently, we will also see the fullness of manifestation of the Father dwelling on the inside of man as he did within Adam.


The third dimension

will also be a move of God, if you will, of the Father making his tabernacle with men once again and coming down to abide with us.


Moses as a precursor to the four-function multitude of priests


Moses is both a type of apostle as well as a prophet in the Old Testament. However, no modern-day apostle or prophet is operating in the power and authority in which Moses operated.


Think about it: Who has turned a rod into a snake or who has parted the Red Sea today? This means that when the order

of Melchizedek is released, these priests, prophets, apostles and kings (note all four functions embodied in each person) will be operating in a greater level of power and authority than Moses did.


These priests will simultaneously be operating in all four functions and hosting the Spirit of Christ himself in humility and absolute obedience within their beings; his omnipresence will fill hundreds if not thousands of these leaders. Most importantly, these priests will be leaders to the body of Christ, calling multitudes to “comeup higher” and to be examples for all to follow. (Some material from Nita Johnson)


As Christ was to the multitudes, a multitude of priests will be to the world. This is a level of the unprecedented power and authority of Christ filling the earth with God’s knowledge “as the waters cover the seas” (Hab. 2:14). Yeshua, of course is the full embodiment of this priesthood.


In the same way that the second dimension – the infilling of Holy Spirit – was a geometric expansion of Jesus’s presence to the whole world from the day of Pentecost to today, so will this final geometric expansion of Jesus’s own power and authority be to the multitude of priests. Note that the multitude of priests will be only those specifically prepared in the crucible of humility

and “hiddenness”; in this context, the multitude of priests will not be every believer. (I am not referring to the priesthood of all believers here, which is still valid.)


This priesthood is Jesus’s own order; this priesthood will call the

multitudes to come up higher and to do the greater works.


10,000 “Christ’s” through many, simultaneously!


Put another way, if you compare the ministry of Jesus-one man, “unipresent” – before he ascended, to after the outpouring – Holy Spirit, now omnipresent – that is the level of ministry impact this new priesthood is going to have. Put another way, imagine ten thousand Jesus’s walking the earth at the same time! We cannot even fathom it yet, but it is at the door. Whether they accept it or not, the whole world will experience the witness that Jesus Christ is Lord.


I believe that WISE has been operating in the Order of Melchizedek – as a forerunner – for a number of years.


God is also activating the order of Melchizedek in the lives of many leaders. This is a new level of wisdom, power, authority, and discernment even over that which is provided by each of the “five-fold” offices. There is a synergy and a force-multiplication (a military term) between the four faces of God (lion, ox, eagle and man) as they map to king, priest, prophet, and apostle.


Do you see that the expression of God is not complete without man?


The four living creatures described in Ezekiel looked human, but they had four wings, could move in any direction and could see 360 degrees. So is with the Melchizedek priesthood and Christ’s own order – we can see and move freely in the spirit realm.



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